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The object of Blade and Soul combat is to bog down your opponent

Blade & Soul has been released in Korea since 2012, eventually making its way to China in 2013 and then Japan in 2014. Its popularity soaring, demand for a western release only increased over the years with the lack of new MMORPGs coming out. Its reception in those regions has been nothing but positive, with Blade & Soul being one of the most widely played games in those regions.

Its skill-based combat system inspired an Sports league for the game's dueling and PvP combat, with tournaments being held for the game just like what you might expect to see for a fighting game. Speaking of combat, Blade & Soul easily has some of the best combat found in any MMO currently on the market. Blade & Soul has done away with the boring and clunky tab target method to target foes that you see in almost every MMO, and instead opts for an approach more akin to a third-person shooter.

You manually aim the camera toward your opponent in order to unleash abilities on them, and while this can be a bit jarring at first to players used to traditional MMOs, anyone who has played a third-person shooter or action game will quickly find themselves right at home. This, of course, only scratches the surface of the combat system: Inspired by fighting games, the object of combat is to bog down your opponent in a flurry of combos that will either knock them to the ground, or send them flying into the air to incapacitate them.


These allow you to travel quickly over shorter distances and glide through the large expanses to give you a new perspective on your surroundings, combining both a useful mechanic as well as a way to admire what is around you. Finally we have the Dragon Pulses, which are amazing to witness. After gaining the ability to use these pulses, you can interact with lit areas on the map to traverse entire areas in ways you have never seen.

This can be from dashing through the air like a ninja, running up walls, flipping, performing insanely high jumps and more. These definitely get your blood pumping and every single one feels unique, adding some much-welcomed flair to proceedings. I have yet to try PvP arenas in the game so I can’t offer an opinion on that other than to say it is played as an e-sport in South Korea, China and Japan. Open world PvP is possible by using faction costumes but so far I haven’t seen anyone participating on my server.

The PVP in this game is completely skill based but unfortunately very reliant on good ping to the server. Stats on your PvE gear have no effect on PvP and everything you wear is merely cosmetic. And boy, does Blade & Soul oblige. Few MMOs pull off combat better, and each of the seven classes can unleash combos that require watching what players and NPCs are doing in an effort to counter them. It's far more Street Fighter than World of Warcraft, even to an extent unmatched by TERA.

Whether I was slamming diminutive Lyn warriors in the face with my over sized axes or rooting Kung Fu Masters as a spell-slinging Force Master, it was always enjoyable. What little action that B&S anime presents is also poorly done, with lazily done animations that use very little frames as possible, just enough for viewers to understand what’s happening on screen. This is the same issue I had with a few action scenes in some of Gonzo’s previous shows, but the amount of corners that were cut in B&S anime’s animation is very constant, and brings the production value of the entire show down.

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