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Setting up the story of retribution will fuel the game action

As you know, Blade & Soul was announced years and years ago and here we are finally getting it in 2016 while everyone else got it 4 years ago. You would think that the hype in the West would have died but 1 million players at launch says different. I spent a lot of time playing this game on the Russian and TW servers. I enjoyed the Russian server more due to my ping. If you don’t know, Blade & Soul relies heavily on ping. Its not the kind of game you want to switch regions for in order to play with your friends in another country. NOPE, do that and see just how crappy your experience will be.

In addition to the initial launch of the game and its content packs that we’ve covered, there will also be brand new content coming this year for the first time to all platforms. A number of new dungeons as well as new class - Warlock, are going to be included. Certain Warlock based items have been dropping in the game so far and players have noticed. Of course, we now know the responses of “it’s just a bug” was a nicely conceived plan.

The game begins with an impressively long and well-produced series of cutscenes and tutorial missions that both clarify the mechanics and Blade and Soul’s core story. It feels very much like an interactive anime film, and while the plot isn’t going to impress you with its originality, the production values are excellent and won’t make you feel like hitting the skip button…at least the first time. Your character has been training in ancient martial arts for years on an idyllic island dojo when it is attacked by the evil sorceress Jinsoyun and your master and just about everyone else is killed, thus setting up the story of retribution that will fuel the game action.


Throughout the game, the main quest line characters are fully voiced, though the side quest characters are not. As in so many Korean MMOs, the English voice acting and localization is earnest but wildly contemporary and the attempts at humor are lame. Some credit must be given for introducing a wide variety of character types and a story that provides a little more context for the action.

In addition, two more epic-level dungeons will hit Blade & Soul upon launch: the pirate-themed Blackram Supply Chain and E. Supply Chain. Blade & Soul has been out in Korea since 2012. Its 2016 launch means that North America and Europe will benefit from a flow of content to come, while launching with all of the features and quality of life tweaks that came out in bits and pieces elsewhere over the years. Don’t worry about exclusives, either -- North America and Europe will have their own region-exclusive goodies.

Of course, no matter how many items you own or how great you look, the real test of a player is in PvP combat. And it is here that Blade & Soul really excels. No matter what level you are, your abilities will be scaled to your opponent, meaning you enter on equal terms. Played out in a best of three matches, winners will receive Zen Beans that can be spent on more abilities and items. If you prove yourself a master in the arena, there is also the golden carrot of an entry into the Blade & Soul World Championship, an annual Sport that pits the very best players from all over the world against each other.

Finally keep an eye on your bleeds and poison stack and you should do well in leveling. There’s plenty to know about this class and if you know their full potential - and they’re capable of a lot - a supposed weakness in certain areas shouldn’t matter in the long run. You might even learn that Assassins can be the sneakiest and therefore most fun to use.

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